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Gold Calculator
Gold Calculator
Gold Calculator
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Gold Conversion Calculator is a handy tool for determining by means of conversion the different units in the breakdown of the troy ounce. One can covert any specified troy ounce unit into any of the other units. The most common units are as follows: The Killo, ounce, dwt (pennyweight), gram and grain. Doing conversions by hand can be a lenghtly process as compared to the almost instant calculations of a gold conversion calculator.

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Get the complete breakdown and FACTS: Troy Pound, Troy Ounce, Conversion Formulas, pennyweight (dwt), Grams, Gram-Calorie (mean), Grains, Dram or Drachm, Momme, Imperial System.

One of the most useful ways to calculate your gold's value is to use the precious metals Gold Calculator that is available on It calculates the value using the current price of the metal you are interested in.
Purity: The purity of gold articles may be described in three ways:
  • Karat - meaning parts of gold per 24
  • Percent - meaning parts of gold per 100
  • Fineness - meaning parts of gold per 1,000 (European System)
Karat System
Percentage of Gold
European System
24 Karat
1000 Fine
22 Karat
917 Fine
18 Karat
750 Fine
14 Karat
583 Fine
10 Karat
416 Fine
Legal Minimum: 10k gold is the minimum amount of gold that a product can be composed of and carry the label "gold", according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Guides to the Jewelry Industry.
In France, Italy and Switzerland, 18k is the lowest permissible standard to be called gold. England accepts 9k gold, while in some ocuntries of the world, 8k is the legal minimum standard.
Jewellery Alloys: Au Gold, Ag Silver, Cu Copper, Zn Zinc, Ni Nickel, Ti Titanium, Pd Palladium, Fe Iron, Si Silicon, B Boron and Co Cobalt.
Colors of Gold: A mixture of silver and copper in the gold will highlight its colour. Too much silver will give a green tinge. Green is the opposite colour to gold on the colour spectrum and collectively large amounts of gold will give off a green aura. Too much copper will give a red tinge (rose gold) and the addition of even a little Nickel will overpower the colour of gold to silver, hence white gold is made.
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