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This page will provide you with all the necessary information about Troy Ounce Weights and Measures. Be sure to check out our other related Products: HERE!
Troy weight was so named from Troyes in France where it was first adopted in Europe. The Troy Ounce is supposed to have been brought from Cairo during the crusades. One Troy ounce is about 10% heavier than the common Avoirdupois ounce. Avoirdupois is the system of weights using the pound of 16 ounces. Troy weight is the system of weights used for Gold, Silver and Jewels with twelve ounces to the pound.
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Below you will find other Units of Weights and Measurements that are listed with the Troy Units. Have fun and Enjoy!   
  1. Troy Pound (0.37kg):
    A mass unit is used to measure precious metals. There are 12 troy ounces in every troy pound. One troy pound is equal to 373 grams.

  2. Troy Ounce:
    The traditional unit of weight for precious metals and gems.

    1 troy ounce = 480 grains
    1 troy ounce = 24 scruples
    1 troy ounce = 20 pennyweights (North American jewelery trade)
    1 troy ounce = 1.097 ordinary ounce
    1 troy ounce = 8 drams
    1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams.
    1 troy ounce = 120 carats
    1 troy ounce = 155.52 metric carats (diamonds / precious stones).
    3.75 troy ounces = 10 tolas (Indian sub-continent)
    6.02 troy ounces = 5 taels (Hong Kong)
    12 troy ounce=1 troy pound
    14.583 troy ounce =16 avoirdupois ounce (1Pound)
    32.15 troy ounces = 1 kilogramme (Kilo)
    32,150 troy ounces = 1 metric ton (1,000 kilos)
    1000 troy ounces = 31.1 kilograms

  3. pennyweight (dwt):
    The pennyweight was the weight of a silver penny in medieval England.
    It is no coincidence that there were 240 pennies to the English pound.
    240 silver pennies were equivalent to a pound of silver.
    The word sterling applies both to the English pound and to the standard
    purity of silver.
    1 pennyweight = 24 grains (dwt) (1 old time French penny)
    1.55 grams=1 pennyweight (dwt)
    20 dwt=1 troy ounce
    240 pennyweights = 1 pound troy
    24 grains=1 dwt
    1 pennyweight =.05 troy ounce
    1 gram=.643 pennyweight

  4. Gram:
    1 gram =.03215 troy ounce
    1 gram =.643 pennyweight
    1.555 grams = 1 pennyweight (dwt)
    1 gram =0.00267923 apothecary or troy pound
    1 gram =0.00220462 avoirdupois pound
    1 gram =0.0321507 apothecary or troy ounce
    1 gram =0.564383 avoirdupois dram
    1 gram =0.257206 apothecary or troy dram
    1 gram =0.6430149 pennyweight
    1 gram =0.771618 scruple
    1 gram =15.4324 grains
    1 gram =1x10^-6 metric ton
    1 gram =1x10^-4 myriagram
    1 gram =0.001 kilogram
    1 gram =5 metric carats
    1 gram =1000 milligrams
    1 gram =1x10^6 microgram
    1 Gram = 5 Carats

  5. Gram-Calorie (mean):
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =1.5593x10^-6 horse power hours
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.001 kilogram calorie
    Gram-Calorie (mean) = 0.0011628 watt-hour
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.001459 cubic foot atmosphere
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.0039685 BTU (mean)
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.0039685 BTU (mean)
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.041311 liter-atmosphere
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =0.42685 kilogram-meter
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =3.0874 foot-pounds
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =4.186 joules (absolute)
    Gram-Calorie (mean) =99.334 foot-poundals
    Gram-calorie (15°C) = 4.185 joules (absolute).
    Gram-calorie (20°C) = 4.181 joules (absolute).
    Gram-centimeter =2.3427x10^-8 kilogram-calorie (mean)
    Gram-centimeter =9.2972x10^-8 BTU (mean)
    Gram-centimeter =1x10^-5 kilogram-meter
    Gram-centimeter =2.3427x10^-5 gram-calorie (mean)
    Gram-centimeter =7.233x10^-5 foot-pound
    Gram-centimeter =9.80665x10^-5 joule (absolute)
    Gram-centimeter =980.7 ergs

  6. Grain:
    An ancient unit which was originally based on the weight of a grain of wheat. The grain is the smallest unit of weight in the avoirdupois, troy, and apothecaries systems. Surprisingly it is identical in all three systems.
    1 grain = 64.8 milligrams
    1 grain = 0.0648 grams
    4 grains = 1 carat
    15.432 grains = 1 gram
    20 grains = 1 scruple
    24 grains =1 pennyweight
    480 grains = 1 troy ounce
    5760 grains = 1 troy pound
    437.5 grains = 1 ounce avoirdupois
    7000 grains = 1 pound avoirdupois
    Grain = 1/7000 avoirdupois pound
    Grain = 1/5760 apothecary or troy pound
    Grain = 0.0022857 avoirdupois ounce
    Grain = 0.0020833 apothecary or troy ounce
    Grain = 0.03657143 avoirdupois dram
    Grain = 0.016667 apothecary or troy dram
    Grain = 0.0416667 troy pennyweight
    Grain = 0.05000 apothecary scruple
    Grain =0.064798918 gram
    Grain =0.3240 metric carat
    Grain =64.798918 milligram

  7. Dram or Drachm:
    An ancient unit of weight, also a Greek coin. It is believed to have originally meant the amount which one could hold in one's hand.
    16 drams = 1 ounce avoirdupois
    8 drams = 1 ounce apothecaries
    1 drams = 27.34375 grains
    1 dram = 1.772 grams
    3 scruples = 1 drachm
    20 grains = 1 scruple

  8. Momme:
    A unit of weight previously used in Japan to weigh pearls.
    75 grains = momme
    18.75 carats = 1 momme
    3.75 grams = 1 momme

  9. Imperial System:
    A British system developed and refined from the earlier Roman systems used in Britain during the middle ages.
    20 stones avoirdupois = 1 ton avoirdupois
    14 pounds avoirdupois = 1 stone avoirdupois
    16 ounces avoirdupois = 1 pound avoirdupois
    1 ounce avoirdupois = 28.349523 grams approx.
    1 pound avoirdupois = 453.59237 grams
    1 ton avoirdupois = 2240 pounds avoirdupois

  10. Conversion Formulas:
    Use these formulas to convert!
    Carats to Dwt x by .12860
    Carats to Grams x by .2
    Dwt to Carats x by 7.776
    Dwt to Grams x by 1.5552
    Dwt to Troy oz x by .05
    Grams to Carats x by 5.0
    Grams to Dwt x by .64301
    Avoir Oz to Troy oz x by .91146
    Avoir Oz to Grams x by 28.3495
    Troy Oz to Avoir oz x by 1.091

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Download our Free to try Troy Ounce Conversion Tool CLICK HERE!
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